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Free read Nocilla Lab Nocilla Lab Free download ↠ 104 Agustín Fernández Mallo È 4 Free download El desastre de Chiang Mai durante un viaje a Tailandia fue la azarosa oportunidad para ue Agustín Fernández Mallo volcara en un relato tripartito sus experiencias con esa cosa tan extraña llamada Mundo Nocilla Lab es el cierre lógico y multidisciplinar del Proyecto Nocilla Una road movie autorreferencial y visionari. Everything in this world resembles something else or less so we can always find some analogiesAnd every single thing in some way are always different from the other things so we can distinguish them after allIsn t it a paradoxit would be monstrous to happen upon something absolutely new it would be nightmarish and unbearable just as two absolutely identical beings would be and so we look for arguments to take us beyond this paradox I love paradoxes or I don t love them that s stupid it s just that without them life wouldn t exist and the planet would be a wasteland so simply paradoxes are they exist full stop Nocilla Lab begins as a common travelogue and it is unmotivatedly repetitive Similar to other travelogues it is about going from place to place And differing from other travelogues it is even boringTherefore comparing to the previous parts of the trilogy Nocilla Lab is a letdown But when Agust n Fern ndez Mallo starts decomposing his narration replacing actuality with schizoid delirium the story simply turns preposterous It is to be supposed that the day when plastic surgery operations take place than appendectomies planet earth will ascend to the status of fashion object Sometimes wisdom just turns into inanity

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Nocilla Lab

Free read Nocilla Lab Nocilla Lab Free download ↠ 104 Agustín Fernández Mallo È 4 Free download Er un hombre contra sí mismo en un final original y sorprendente Como un demiurgo disfrazado de DJ ficcional Agustín Fernández Mallo transforma cuanto encuentra a su paso en una nueva realidad la creada por su mesa de mezclas convirtiendo lo paradójico de la existencia en una verdadera poética Pura física elementa. CN fatphobiaI normally lap up experimental texts and I find texts made up of a single sentence hard to resist but what I read of this felt hollow and mostly I just skimmed it after page 50 Most of all I have to say I was massively turned off by the author s violent fatphobia Page 46 a fairly overweight woman who was sitting at a table with her husband 12 metres away from us a woman who would happily ingest all manner of fats and thereby put an end to her youth a woman who was cholesterol through and through began compulsively wafting her hands and saying for all to hear You re smoking me out You re smoking me out and it was a no smoking place but all the same this woman failed to see that she had destroyed her life to the extent that she no longer has any tolerance for other human beings she was pure exaggeration she had become the thing that resembles everything except itself humankind reduced to a personality less object the very opposite of silence or of Coca Cola or that book entitled The Music of Chance that we had read in Las Vegas while my girlfriend lay smoking in silence and made of her body the perfect combination of 70% water and 30% smoke because the fat pedant woman was ignorant of the fact that smoke and water combine to delicate effect when added together they form a perfectly homogenous mixture ignorant of the fact that 50% water and 50% fat of which her body was made would never mixand at the bottom of p 47 extinguishing her cigarette out of respect for this woman s mental illnessNow it does sound like this woman was genuinely rude but it doesn t make Mallo less of a dickhead for saying these things nor does the fact that the passage includes a tongue in cheek bit about the benefits of smoking Especially as everything in the text points to the fact that at least the novel s first section is autobiographical and a fairly accurate reflection of the author s thoughts and experiences strongly suggesting that Mallo means everything he says about the woman and by extension about all fat people humankind reduced to a personality less object In other words if this had been a fictional character s thoughts fine perhaps but these do seem to be Mallo s own thoughts And if they aren t then it should have been clearerAnd since life is finite and there are tons of great books to read out there I decided to curtail the time I was spending on this one and move on to something else maybe a different Fitzcarraldo book like Flights or This Little Art or Essayism or Tell Them of Battles all wonderful At first I was going to just remove the book from my Goodreads shelf without making much of a fuss but then it occurred to me that some may want to be warned about the above passage And so here we are I don t particularly wish to engage in a debate about the merits of my decision in the comments section

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Free read Nocilla Lab Nocilla Lab Free download ↠ 104 Agustín Fernández Mallo È 4 Free download A inuietante donde un hombre y una mujer buscan poner en marcha el Proyecto una excusa para hurgar en sus sueños y en su propia relación Un certero relato del arte de crear de escribir de imaginar El trayecto acaba en una antigua prisión en la ue un hombre se enfrenta a otro con el suspense y la tensión de un thrill. I guess many of us have had an experience a bit like the following You wake up one night in the middle of a dream The dream was a jumble of things that all seemed out of order but it made sense in a dream like way Then you manage to go back to sleep and the dream continues This time it seems a bit logical but it takes a turn towards something weird almost Kafka esue and disturbing It reaches a violent climax that jerks you awake Then you lie there dozing half asleep half awake with dream like fragments of thought flashing through your mindThis in essence is what it feels like to read Nocilla Lab And then there s a short graphic novel at the end to finish it offNocilla Lab is the third part of the Nocilla trilogy All the books can be read on their own but that is especially true of this final part which does not reuire you to read either of the first two parts one of the main characters is the author and he explains how and when he wrote the first two partsThe first part of the book Automatic Search Engine focusses on a couple a man and a woman It is an 80 page sentence in which several different episodes in their life are jumbled and trigger further thoughts in the narrator s mind It is a bit like trying to get through a maze The narrative wanders down one path but then suddenly turns off to another Sometimes it sets off into something that seems completely unrelated hits a dead end and goes back to where it was Often it gets back to a point that the reader recognises and sets off again Our protagonists seem to wander the globe preparing for their mysterious Great Project which is contained in a guitar case they carry with themIt is confusing but not as confusing as you might think I found the whole thing both mesmerising and addictive It returns to known points at just the right freuency for the reader to be able to keep some kind of orientation You feel as if you know what is happening despite the jumble and the additional side alleys etcIn the second part Automatic Engine the same couple settle down in a strange weird even hotel It would spoil things to talk about what happens but it begins to feel very much like a horror storyAt this point the page numbers stop but the book has not finished Part three is Engine Fragments The font changes the page numbers disappear and short paragraphs skitter around some progressing the main themes others seeming almost randomThen to close things there is a short graphic novel featuring Enriue Vila Matas on an oil rigSeriously what s not to likeMy personal experience of the whole trilogy has been that I loved the first part Nocilla Dream for it s dream like uality and the way it circled round a tree in the Nevada desert Part Two Nocilla Experience was in some ways of the same but somehow didn t have uite the magic of the first part for me This final part possibly my favourite is completely different and I read it with a smile on my face The language and I assume a lot of credit goes to the translator here is very poetic and even the 80 page sentence is enjoyable at a sentence level I really enjoyed the stories told as well as the way they are told I am not sure how or even if it all hangs together but I am also not at all sure that hanging together is the point The author is part scientist part poet and that is evident through the books As with a lot of poetry the purpose isn t necessarily for everything to make logical sense but to create an impression and plant things in the reader s mind Anyone who has read many of my reviews will know that this is my favourite kind of bookThis is a trilogy I would gladly read again and probably will at some point soon I can appreciate that it is not everyone s idea of fun but I loved it