Pregnancy and Power, Revised Edition (NEW)

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Download Û Pregnancy and Power, Revised Edition Breeding schemes when the US government took indigenous children from their families in the nineteenth century and when doctors pressured Latina women to be sterilized in the 1970s Tracing the main plot lines of women's reproductive lives the leading historian Rickie Solinger redefines the idea of reproductive freedom putting race and class at the center of the effort to control sex and pregnancy in America over timeRevisiting these issues after than a decade this revised edition of Pregnancy and Power reveals how far the reproductive justice.

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Download Û Pregnancy and Power, Revised Edition A sweeping chronicle of women's battles for reproductive freedomReproductive politics in the United States has always been about who has the power to decide lawmakers the courts clergy physicians or the woman herself Authorities have rarely put women's needs and interests at the center of these debates Instead they have created reproductive laws and policies to solve a variety of social and political problems with outcomes that affect the lives of different groups of women differentlyReproductive politics were at play when slaveholders devised.

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Download Û Pregnancy and Power, Revised Edition Movement has come and the renewed struggles it faces in the present moment Even after nearly a half century of reproductive rights a cascade of new laws and policies limits access and prescribes punishments for many people trying to make their own reproductive decisions In this edition Solinger traces the contemporary rise of reproductive consumerism and the politics of free market health care as economic ineuality continues to expand in the US revealing the profound limits of choice and the continued need for the reproductive justice framewo.

  • Hardcover
  • 336
  • Pregnancy and Power, Revised Edition
  • Rickie Solinger
  • en
  • 03 December 2018
  • 9781479847457