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  • 12 March 2020
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Pregnant by the Commanding Greek Read & Download í 4 Ettie’s pregnancy bombshell demands action Leon’s heir will not be born out of wedlock so Ettie must say “I do”Discover this passionate pregnancy romanc. Awwww I loved these two Leon the H is a sweetheart He s caring funny compassionate and oh so slightly broken It s a miracle that he turned out as well as he did with parents like his Ettie is truly his perfect match She is kind loving loyal and determined to do the best she can for the people she loves Even if that person is an elderly dog named Toby whose eually elderly owner has just passed away The first meeting sets the tone for the couple s relationship Ettie was all heat and passion and Leon was soooo cold but so fascinated by her heat and passion I adored them from the very first introduction The book is a very easy read No big drama no outside influences Just a couple with baggage trying to feel their way through an unexpected lightening strike of a relationship It is as easy to recommend as it was to read

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Pregnant by the Commanding Greek Read & Download í 4 Man who’s mistaken his identity Yet warmhearted Ettie Roberts is a breath of fresh air and Leon can’t resist indulging in a night of tantalizing pleasure But. So hot steamy passionate full of angst I have no words This book is amazing Super romantic and intense Hero is sex on legs tortured but vulnerable and loving and heroine is a sweetheart who breaks down his walls Perfect couple sizzling chemistry I highly recommend this book But did they have a boy or a girl I wish there was an epilogue with their baby

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Pregnant by the Commanding Greek Read & Download í 4 Their blissful encounter was a secret Until her pregnancy shockPowerful Greek Leon Kariakis is not accustomed to being challenged least of all by an impulsive wo. Feelings galore This novel is all about MC s getting in touch with their feelingsThere s also1 A H who seemed like an alpha but turned out to be a kind and decent beta 2 A cute kind hearted heroine who s been betrayed by a former fiance and has a massive insecurity complex 3 Two adorable doggies 4 An engagement of convenience brought on by the unexpected pregnancy tropeThe MC s meet when the billionaire property developer H purchases the luxury Mayfair apartment building in which the heroine is employed as a conciergeThere s no extreme angst in this novel because both MC s always tried hard to compromise when conflicts arose I was kinda surprised at the level of civility in their conversations when compared to other relationships in HPlandia romancesIt was nice to see MC s attempting to work out their issues like rational adults but I ll admit that it did lower the tension level in the story That s probably why I wasn t exactly wowed and couldn t give it a higher rating They get engaged after their torrid one night stand results in an unplanned pregnancy The entire ensuing drama hinges on the H s reluctance to factor the love word into their new relationshipIt s the same old story of the emotionally stunted H whose life is turned upside down by a heroine who s eager to open all lines of communicationLeon the H had been emotionally and physically not sexually abused by his parents Those ogres had not only euthanized his beloved puppy but conditioned him to believe via emotional bullying that outward displays of affection are signs of a weak individualEttie the heroine is a caregivernurturer personality type She s spent her entire life looking after her late mother and making sacrifices for her younger sister She s also suffering from the after effects of a vicious pre wedding dumping by her user former fiance and first love She s been celibate until her one night stand with the HNeither character knows how to trust The H protects his emotions by suggesting their relationship be based solely on friendship sex and a mutual affection for their unborn child The insecure heroine is plagued with thoughts of sexual inadeuacy because her former fiance had jilted her the morning after taking her virginity There are a few hot sex scenes some intense dialogue minor arguments a heroine hissy fit followed by her rejection of his marriage contract Amidst all of this we have some super cuteness courtesy of 2 doggies named Toby and Basil The novel would ve benefitted from an epilogue because we never get to see the MC s baby or bask in the reflected glow of their future happiness This lack of an epilogue seems to be a trademark of this author If you love good guy H s and goody 2 shoes heroines and you re into a tender type of love story then you ll probably enjoy this novel Safety No cheating no OW no OM and the heroine had only one lover before the H