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  • 人生 by Lu Yao
  • Lu Yao
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  • 09 March 2018
  • 9781721364848

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Read Ä 人生 by Lu Yao D passionate Gao Jialin’s difficult path to professional romantic and personal fulfillment or at least hard won acceptanceWith the emotional acuity and narrative mastery that secured his reputation as one of China’s great novelists Lu Yao paints a vivid emotional and unsparing portrait of contemporary Chinese life seen through the eyes of a working class man who refuses to be brok. I m wreckedShe had thought about dying But when she looked at the mountain valley she had lived and labored in for than twenty years when she looked at the earth and plants that she had kept gree

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Read Ä 人生 by Lu Yao An essential masterwork from Chinese literary giant Lu Yao winner of the Mao Dun Literature Prize available for the first time in EnglishLu Yao published only two novels before his untimely death but their extraordinary influence catapulted the author to the top tier of Chinese contemporary fiction establishing him as one of the most widely read and respected figures in Chinese litera. 25 rounded downLu Yao s novel Life was written in 1981 and for me this is not a novel that has aged particularly well Those familiar with the politics and goings on in China at the time the Cultur

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Read Ä 人生 by Lu Yao TureIn this first ever translation of Lu Yao’s Life we meet Gao Jialin a stubborn idealistic and ambitious young man from a small country village whose life is upended when corrupt local politics cost him his beloved job as a schoolteacher prompting him to reject rural life and try to make it in the big city Against the vivid gritty backdrop of 1980s China Lu Yao traces the proud an. Lu Yao is a giant in Chinese literature but his works haven t found their way to the English speaking world Life is one of the first such translations and I am delighted I found it for fre