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  • A Season to Forget
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  • 06 November 2020
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review A Season to Forget free download Ó eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB å Ron Snyder Ron Snyder å 7 free read Ach night to the point that President Ronald Regan sent a message of support to the lovable losers from Charm City Religious leaders and mental health professionals even offered to help the team find that elusive first win In the same vein as Jimmy Breslin’s Can’t Anyone Here Play This Game on the 1962 New York Mets author Ron Snyder discusses just how did a once model franchise devolved into a team with the distinction of having the worst start of any team in MLB history A Season to Forget takes an in depth look at the lead up to that season a game by game breakdown of the streak and the toll it took on those who lived through i. It may have been a season to forget but today it s a warm and interesting memory of a city that embraced a team that seemed to be able to do nothing right This book tells the story in all its infamy with all the characters involved

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review A Season to Forget free download Ó eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB å Ron Snyder Ron Snyder å 7 free read Se was in disarray From not understanding how to utilize free agency to having their once famed farm system dry up of talent the once proud franchise was spiraling downward Heading into the 1988 season the Orioles expected to struggle after a 95 loss season the year before Not even the return of famed manager Earl Weaver in 1985 and 1986 was enough to turn the team around The Orioles attempted to revamp their roster in 1988 with 14 new players on the roster compared to the year before The team opened that season 0–21 shattering the record for futility to start a season by eight games They consistently found different ways to lose e. Man I really wanted to like this book I love baseball book s on season s and when I saw this I thought I would love But this isn t really a book on one season with the Balti Orioles it s about one month One bad terrible month when they lost 21 straight games Oh yes the author does talk abut 1983 a little and how the team got to how bad it would be in 1988 by mentioning the years 1984 1987 and the author does talk about the almost miracle 1989 season for a chapter But this was a book on basically one month And although some of the information is great it s just repeated and repeated and repeated over and over and over again Like 21 times over again And I started to think you know this just isn t a good book What I mean is it can t be a good book It CAN be a great long magazine article I think the author tried to stretch this out to make it a book at 180 pages but the story really could have been told in less than 100 but then who buys the book If this was edited a little better Ron Snyder could have had an excellent Sports Illustrated type 12 page article that would have been a great read But it s a book and I m sorry it just drags Maybe the topic is just not book worthy Be willing to give the author another shot though Only Die Hard Balti Orioles fans will enjoy this and they might not I mean they did lose 21 straight

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review A Season to Forget free download Ó eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB å Ron Snyder Ron Snyder å 7 free read Between 1966 and 1983 the Balti Orioles were considered the best team in baseball During that span the team won three World Series advanced to three others and competed for a playoff spot just about every season The Orioles were a model franchise thanks to its “Orioles Way” approach to building a franchise through a strong farm system Future Hall of Famers like Brooks Robinson Jim Palmer Cal Ripken Jr and Eddie Murray made their ways through the ranks and helped put consistent winners on the field But five years after Ripken caught the final out to clinch the Orioles World Series victory over the Philadelphia Phillies the franchi. In 1988 the Balti Orioles set a baseball record that a team would never want to claim they lost 21 consecutive games to start the season While the Orioles had been declining since winning the World Series in 1983 no one expected a team led by Cal Ripken Jr and Eddie Murray to perform so terribly The streak and the state of the Orioles before and after the streak is told in this book by Ron SnyderThere is writing about the Orioles both before and after the chapters on the streak itself The beginning chapters tell a brief history of the team and the success it had for nearly 20 years between 1966 and 1984 when the team won three World Series titles and appeared in two others Then after the awful season of 1988 there is a nice write up about their nearly complete turnaround in 1989 when they fell one game short from winning the American League East Division That was called the Why Not season and certainly a terrific feel good storyHowever the book s main topic the 21 game losing streak in 1988 was described in what is best described as haphazard fashion The games were not recapped in chronological order at least not regularly as one will read about say game 9 in the streak then a player interviewed will talk about game 15 At least it starts with the 12 0 opening day loss to the Milwaukee Brewers and the chapters on the streak does end when the Orioles defeated the Chicago White Sox None of the games during the streak are analyzed in depth and there isn t a lot of information on any player or manager written Not even Cal Ripken Sr the shortstop s father and manager of the team who was fired six games into the streak While the book certainly has its flaws it was one that was a uick read and something this reader wanted to finish to the end and see what happens much like how the media and fans all over the world were following the Orioles streak It gained international attention and when the streak was over it was a relief for everyone not just the Orioles players and staff One other noteworthy occurrence that should be mentioned as it gained its own chapter The Orioles ended the streak in Chicago After losing two games to the White Sox they came back home to a sold out Memorial Stadium on a Monday night where it was announced that the team would be getting a new ball park It was uite a sight to see a packed stadium come out to watch a team with a 1 23 record While this book was at best only a cursory description of the historic streak the author does mention in the foreword of the book that this was written from the viewpoint of both a journalist and a fan Reading that and finishing the book was enough to give this book a passing grade but for information on the streak players or Orioles of that 1988 season it is best to seek that elsewherehttpssportsbookguyblogspotcom20