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Free download Ï Re-Thinking Leisure in a Digital Age Ial context where traditional categorical assumptions about the body identity and leisure may be contested Far from being 'virtual' the body is constituted within and through emerging technologies in material ways Recent 'moral panics' over the role of digital cultures in teen suicide digital drinking games an endless array of homoerotic images of young bodies being linked with steroid use disordered eating and body dissatisfaction facebook gamesfundraising campaigns eg for breast cancer movements devoted to exp.

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Free download Ï Re-Thinking Leisure in a Digital Age Digital worlds and cultures social media web 20 youtube wearable technologies health and fitness apps dominate if not order our everyday lives We are no longer 'just' consumers or readers of digital culture but active producers through facebook twitter Instagram youtube and other emerging technologies This book is predicated on the assumption that out understanding of our everyday lives should be informed by what is taking place in and through emerging technologies given these virtual environments provide a cruc.

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Free download Ï Re-Thinking Leisure in a Digital Age Osing 'everyday sexism' metoo twitter abuse of feminists of athletes of racist nature to name but a few speak to the need for critical engagement with digital cultures While some of the earlier techno utopian visions offered the promise of digitality to give rise to participatory user generator collaborations within this book we provide critical engagement with digital technologies and what this means for our understandings of leisure culturesThe chapters originally published in a special issue in Leisure Studie.

  • Hardcover
  • 144
  • Re-Thinking Leisure in a Digital Age
  • Michael Silk
  • en
  • 07 June 2020
  • 9781138325418