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  • Paperback
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  • Her Cowboy Sheriff
  • Leigh Riker
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  • 20 October 2020
  • 9781335510518

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Her Cowboy Sheriff Summary ☆ 109 Will a lawman and a little girlGive her a reason to stay Annabelle Foster has big plans to leave Barren Kansas until an accident makes her gu. Fourth in the Kansas Cowboys series in which Annabelle Foster is eager to leave the diner she inherited from her late parents and the house where she lived with them fearful of their actions toward her Just as she s put the diner for sale a car accident occurs that leaves Annabelle with the responsibility for her late cousin s 3 year old daughterSheriff Finn Donovan seems to know about how to relate to the child than Annabelle who has never been around many children and isn t at all sure that she d be a good mother And his attraction to Annabelle even as he stays in touch with his former partner in Chicago makes him think his future could be better than his past Annabelle has had a crush on the sheriff since he hit town and the secrets he harbors go a long way toward explaining his reaction to the little girl But the fact remains that he s not sure he should stay in Kansas when his partner is nearly killed in another attempt to take down the gang that killed Finn s familyThen there s Annabelle s second chance to leave including an offer on the diner Will she leave town and the little girl whose presence has made her a mother Her friends don t want her to go but it s not really their decision is it

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Her Cowboy Sheriff Summary ☆ 109 Rt falling for the strong guarded sheriff Finn is haunted by his own tragedy Can one little girl make them believe in their futureas a family. A sweet heartwarming romance A solid plot with the main characters both having tragic pasts Annabelle can t wait to leave town after a troubling childhood and Finn hasn t recovered from a death in his family and determined to get revenge The author crafted two well developed characters which will have you wanting to know what happens next The story includes two interesting mystery sub plots Will Annabelle find Emmie s father Will Finn get his revenge These uestions have you turning the pages to know the answers The author draws you in with a punch of emotion Her Cowboy Sheriff is book four in the Kansas Cowboys and I look forward to reading book five The Rancher s Second Chance which is Cooper s and Nell s story who both appeared in Her Cowboy Sheriff Rating 4 Stars Reviewed for Still Moments Magazine

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Her Cowboy Sheriff Summary ☆ 109 Ardian to a little girl Annabelle has zero experience with children and turns to Finn Donovan for help But while both Annabelle and Emmie sta. Learning to love again The next book in the Kansas Cowboys series was uick to catch my attention but was a bit slow paced throughout Two damaged hearts are brought together over the plight of one little girl and have to figure out how to pick up the pieces for her to find her safe place The characters were well developed and the underlying plot was great just slow moving Enjoyed their storyAnnabelle Foster is looking forward to a whole new start in life now that obligations aren t tethering her to Barren Kansas any She s looking forward to starting a whole knew adventure once her house and diner sell She s not expecting to all of a sudden be responsible for a toddler that s for sure She knows nothing about kids and isn t sure she has a maternal bone in her body so how can she be the one responsible for this precious little girlSheriff Finn Donovan came to Kansas running from the heartache of his past He d give anything to have the world be what it used to be for him but devastation struck and left him adrift He tries to steer clear of adorable Emmie and her new found guardian Annabelle but there s just something about the two of them that strikes a major chord in his heart