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Bfdo Assemblies

Bfdo Assemblies summary ☆ 8 D presents itself as a selected outcome from a larger cluster of ongoing material and spatial research This publication situates BFDO Architects' work in the context of topical discussions including ecology and the landscape multigenerational architecture and design and the role of fabrication technologies in producing new relationships to space and place.

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Bfdo Assemblies summary ☆ 8 Landscape that fuse engineered technologies with ecological processes like photosynthesis and algae production this eponymous publication highlights the diversity and ingenuity of BFDO Architects' practice Flowing through a thematic structure that is porous and intersectional BFDO Architects is not intended as a roundup of independent projects but instea.

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Bfdo Assemblies summary ☆ 8 This publication charts the multidisciplinary practice of Brooklyn based architecture and design firm BFDO Architects By delving into a cross section of projects from acclaimed single and multi family residencies in Brooklyn to institutional and retail projects like the Maple Street School and the Body Factory Midtown to propositions like Chromatic Energy.

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