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review Undefeated Undefeated Summary ↠ 0 He would lose his life in the final week of the war in Europe Three months later Faas was shot down over Japan and forced to bail out over the Pacific Ocean Coach Kelleher would die overseas on his own special assignment with the ArmyIn the years that followed the Army's basketball team would never again have a chance to again play in the NCAA tournament and in the modern era few remember West Point's perfect 1944 season Although West Point's home basketball court is named the Edward C Christl Arena and the National Invitational Tournament's trophy is named after his coach Edward A Kelleher too few people fully appreciate why But after reading Undefeated they will.

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review Undefeated Undefeated Summary ↠ 0 In 1943 The West Point basketball team the Cadets had only managed a 5 10 record and for the 1944 season coach Ed Kelleher's hopes in reversing Army's fortunes rested on his five starters They consisted of three seniors team captain Big Ed Christl John Three Star Hennessey and class president Bobby Faas and two juniors Dale Hall and Doug Kenna At the academy Kelleher molded his cadets into a new kind of team and as the new season opened in January of 1944 Kelleher's strategy paid handsome dividends By the end of January West Point was 6 0; by the end of February the team boasted a 13 0 record Of course during those weeks it only took a glance at the newspaper headl.

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review Undefeated Undefeated Summary ↠ 0 Ines to be reminded that there were far bigger contests than intercollegiate basketball afoot in the winter of 1944The cadets would not be able to play in the NIT or NCAA national tournaments for a likely national championship The world was at war and the US Army needed its finest on the front line than on the court Just after their incredible basketball battles ended the three seniors were about to enter other battles Hennessey endured months of front line fighting battling from the waist deep snow of Alsatian forests to the bombed out rubble of German cities Christl a fearless forward observer for his field artillery battalion made it all the way to Austria where.

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