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The Candidate Losers Free download À 105 S concedes to George H W Bush 11888George H W Bush concedes to Bill Clinton 11392Bob Dole Nomination Acceptance 81596Bob Dole concedes to Bill Clinton 11596Al Gore Nomination Acceptance 8172000Al Gore concedes to George W Bush 12132000John Kerry concedes to George W Bush 1132004John McCain Nomination Acceptance 942008John McCain concedes to Barack Obama 1152008Mitt Romney Nomination Acceptance 8302012Mitt Romney concedes to Barack Obama 1172012Hillary Clinton Nomination Acceptance 7282016Hillary Clinton concedes to Donald Trump 1192016.

characters ß PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ The Speech Resource CompanyThe Candidate Losers

The Candidate Losers Free download À 105 Success in public life is often defined by winning elections although many candidates that do not win go on to contribute publicly and make positive changes Speeches are featured from those candidates that fell short of the votes needed to beat their rivals but continued to fight for their political ideals and issuesProduced by the Speech Resource Company and fully narrated by Robert WikstromHerbert Hoover Concession 21433Thomas Dewey Nomination Acceptance 62448Thomas Dewey Concession 11348Adlai Stevenson Nomination Acceptance 72652Adl.

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The Candidate Losers Free download À 105 Ai Stevenson Concession 11552Richard Nixon concedes to John F Kennedy 11860Richard Nixon concedes California Governor race 11762Barry Goldwater Nomination Acceptance 71664Barry Goldwater concedes to Lyndon Johnson 11564Hubert Humphrey concedes to Richard Nixon 11668George McGovern Nomination Acceptance 71372George McGovern concedes to Richard Nixon 11872Ronald Reagan concedes to Gerald Ford 81976Gerald Ford concedes to Jimmy Carter 11376Ted Kennedy concedes to Jimmy Carter 81280Jimmy Carter concedes to Ronald Reagan 11480Michael Dukaki.

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