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  • Kathryn B McKee
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  • 22 October 2020
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READ & DOWNLOAD Å Reading Reconstruction Subject matter for her literary works Examining Bonner's writing across multiple genres McKee finds that the author's wry but dark humor satirizes the foibles and inconsistencies of southern culture Bonner's travel letters first from Boston and then from the capitals of Europe show her both embracing and performing her role as a southern woman before coming to see herself as simply American when abroad Like unto Like the single novel she published in her lifetime directly engages with Mississippi's postbellum political life especially its racial violence and the rise of Lost Cause ideology Her two short story collections including the raucously comic pieces in Dialect Tales and the nostalgic Suwanee.

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READ & DOWNLOAD Å Reading Reconstruction River Tales indicate her consistent absorption in the debates of her time as she ponders shifting definitions of citizenship uestions the evolving rhetoric of postwar reconciliation and readily employs humor to disrupt conventional domestic scenarios and gender roles In the end Bonner's writing offers a telling index of the paradoxes and irresolution of the period advocating for a feminist reinterpretation of traditional gender hierarchies but verging only reluctantly on the uestions of racial euality that nonetheless unsettle her plotsBy challenging traditional readings of postbellum southern literature McKee offers a long overdue reassessment of Sherwood Bonner's place in American literary history.

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READ & DOWNLOAD Å Reading Reconstruction Kathryn B McKee's Reading Reconstruction situates Mississippi writer Katharine Sherwood Bonner McDowell 1849 1883 as an astute cultural observer throughout the 1870s and 1880s who portrayed the discord and uneasiness of the Reconstruction era in her fiction and nonfiction works McKee reveals conflicts in Bonner's writing as her newfound feminism clashes with her resurgent racism two forces widely prevalent and persistently oppositional throughout the late nineteenth century Reading Reconstruction begins by tracing the historical contexts that defined Bonner's life in postwar Holly Springs McKee explores how uestions of race gender and national citizenship permeated Bonner's social milieu and provided.

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