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Geeked Out characters æ 104 Read & Download Ö PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook µ Obert Skye Oon illustrations as the Creature From My Closet series but for a slightly older middle grade audienceThis title has Common Core connectionsChristy Ottaviano BooksPraise for Geeked Out Dystopia meets Wimpy Kid in this this mash up Hand Skye's latest to the crowd that appreciates Janet Tashjian's My Life As A series or any kid who craves comic style illustrations and slapstick laugh out loud humor School Library Journal. The story Tip and his three nerdy sidekicks are bitten by long dormant ooze eating spiders and end up with the super powers necessary to triumph over their many foes the Sox and the Jox but mainly Darth Susan principal s secretary and secret power behind the throne Upon realizing they now have supersonic hearing Owen the ability to shatter glass Mindy the power to start and stop machines at will Tip and most powerful of all the ability to shake the earth via sonic level belching Xen the four geeks band together to form LAME the League of Average and Mediocre Entities Like this one Keep an eye out for book 2 Bigger Badder NerdierJune Cleaver s ratings Language G Violence G Sexual content G Nudity G Substance abuse G Magic the occult G GLBT content G adult themes G overall rating GLiz s comments Hand this to any kid who can t get enough of skimpy text liberally sprinkled with stick illustrations Greg Heffley fans we re looking at you

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Geeked Out

Geeked Out characters æ 104 Read & Download Ö PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook µ Obert Skye Lied and decide to take a stand Together they form a secret vigilante group the League of Average Mediocre Entities better known as LAME With everything that's going on in the world their school could use a few heroes And what if those heroes were geeked up superheroes Get ready Better yet get LAME Geeked Out A Lame New World is the first in an irrepressible spoof series full of the same clever humor and hilarious cart. The most important thing to say about this book is that it s the most over the top sarcastic book I have ever read For some reason this appeals to my sarcasticless personality and I actually liked itThe extreme ridiculousness starts immediately Tip explains that society is in ruin after a book became a movie became an obsession became a bad third seuel became Fanatics freaking out on social media and taking to the streets became satellites malfunctioning became a breakdown in all communication became a society in ruin Cue that kind of absurd talk for 212 pages and you have Geeked OutAnd school goes on despite the apocalypse engaged in its own little war You have all the different groups trying to survive The Staffers the Jocks the Goths the Sox a group of students who no longer wear shoes the Losers the Freaks the Pens a group of wannabe writers and of course the Geeks They have exactly 4 members Tip Mindy Owen and Zen During the Supply War the Geek Suad tries to play a prank but it backfires Long story short they end up getting bit by spiders and acuiring superpowers in the mayhem Except Xen which he mentions repeatedlyI m convinced this book came into being after a round of Rory s Story Cubes That s the game where you roll a bunch of dice with random pictures and then you make up a story using all the pictures Seriously this book is weird as heck but it proves that Story Cubes works Here s what I think were on the dice Drone Darth Vader zombie pi ata spider truck lizard Use those words to tell a story and you ll have something like Geeked Out PS You have to have a sense of humor or it won t work

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Geeked Out characters æ 104 Read & Download Ö PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook µ Obert Skye Humor and adventure abound in Book 1 of this post apocalyptic middle grade diary fiction odyssey from Obert SkyeWaddle Jr High has become a dystopian outpost with divided cliues Pepville Jockstown Staffland and even Geekdom Society may be in danger but middle school must go on Enter geeky Tip and all his friends easy to blush Owen coding master Xennipher and brilliant dependable Mindy who've all had enough of being bul. Having enjoyed this author s previous books I figured I d give this one a shot I was not disappointed and I think many middle grade readers will enjoy this one s humor It is the same sly sort of thing used in those other titles a little bit knowing and a little bit self deprecating There are sly jabs at invisible principals who are never around when they re needed and comments about the focus on standardized tests Since the story is set in some unnamed future time it could be in two or three years the way things are going the author is able to paint a picture of a society completely run amuck There are food shortages and gangs of kids roam the streets in the evening led by Marsha Ledbetter who relies of emojis to communicate and whose name has given rise to the term Marsha Law There s a school cryer who yells out announcements and as always there is conflict between the various social groups at the school The real power at Otto Waddle Jr High Government Outpost WADD for short is Mrs Susan who runs the office and the school with an iron fist Society has broken down partly over a film that disappointed its fans and polarized the community Now the narrator Timothy Tip Dover and his three intellectual pals Mindy Owen and Xen are just trying to make it to the end of the school year They band together in the AV Club which means the Avoid Violence Club to stay out of reach of the jocks and others who intend them harm When their clever prank involving grease goes awry the youngsters stumble upon a hidden room and are bitten by spiders whose bites have a surprising effect on them There are all sorts of twists and turns in this book and readers who like this sort of fare will be eager for the next book featuring these smart kids and a very strange world While I had never envisioned dystopia in this way the approach works and makes me wonder how far away we are from such happenings The competitions for school supplies seem very real