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Building Resilient Systems

review Ì Building Resilient Systems Building Resilient Systems Architecture Modeling and Metrics brings together key concepts and methods to meet the crucial challenges of energy efficient system resilience Computer system design is undergoing a paradigm shift in the wake of several disruptive trends including the increased difficulty in CMOS device technology scaling the obstacles relating to power and reliability walls and the evolution of computing paradigms in the era of Internet of things IOT.

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review Ì Building Resilient Systems This book presents a modern perspective on how to build resilient computer systems emphasizing reliability without incurring unaffordable levels of overhead such as processor chip area net system power or performance degradationReaders will find new generation modeling methods cross layer optimization and trade off analysis techniues along with the cross layer error tolerant system architectures needed for the futureCovers cross layer resilience modeling a new te.

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review Ì Building Resilient Systems Chniue to optimize energy consumption across system layersExplains the necessary tradeoffs to provide targeted system resilience without blowing a cost or power budgetPresents application driven compute engines that offer cost effective solutions for big data analytics cloud or mobile computing or cognitive systems that don't compromise end user uality and system availabilityIncludes case studies illustrating examples of embedded server and supercomputing systems.

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  • Building Resilient Systems
  • Pradip Bose
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  • 14 July 2020
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